Fp WELLNESS | Medical Marijuana Dispensary in Rochester New York
Medical Marijuana Dispensary, Rochester, Rochester Dispensary, Rochester New York Medical Marijuana, dispensary near me
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Fp WELLNESS | Rochester Medical Marijuana Dispensary

Visit Rochester’s Patient-Focused Medical Marijuana Dispensary

Location/Parking Information:

Park in lot behind Verizon and in front of Life Storage
Go down alley and it’s on the left

Building 5, Suite 7

Rochester Dispensary Manager:

Sarah Morris, PharmD

Phone Number:



Patient Forms

Patient Intake Form

Privacy Policy

Code of Conduct

Patient Release Authorization


Sunday – Closed
Monday – 10-7
Tuesday- 10-6
Wednesday- 10-6
Thursday- Closed
Friday- 10-7
Saturday- 10-3


Walk-Ins Welcome

Stop by our Rochester Dispensary for a highly-personalized Medical Marijuana consultation. Our trained Pharmacists will help you access the best high-quality medical marijuana products available from approved, tested, and licensed producers. We want each of our patients to have a uniquely positive cannabis experience with the best therapeutic Medical Marijuana Medicines available.

Attention New Patients:  Consultation appointments are now required to begin 30 minutes prior to the dispensary’s closing.


Dispensary Manager

Sarah Morris, PharmD

Rochester Dispensary Manager and Pharmacist, Sarah Morris has been practicing retail pharmacist for the past 5 years, striving to provide the best patient care to each of her patients. After spending time as a staff pharmacist for Rite Aid in North Carolina in the early 2010’s, she decided to move back to the Rochester area, the place she has always called home. She continued working for Rite Aid in various locations until being promoted to pharmacy manger in Wolcott, NY in August of 2017.


Sarah earned her Bachelors of Science from St Bonaventure University in 2011 and went on to complete her doctorate degree in pharmacy (Pharm. D) from L.E.C.O.M in 2013. Sarah is also a certified immunizing pharmacist along with being CPR certified.


During her education career, Sarah took a fond interest in medical marijuana and began doing research and writing papers on the the health benefits of medical marijuana. She was also involved in research aiming to find the medicinal benefits in Sassafras Root, a natural medicine used by the Native Americans.


At the beginning of 2019, Sarah was given the opportunity to revisit her interest in medical marijuana and start a new journey with Fiorello Pharmaceuticals Inc. as the Dispensary Manager/Consulting Pharmacist at our Rochester Dispensary. She plans to build her dispensary on the foundation of top-level patient care and education, while providing patients with the highest-quality medical marijuana. Sarah also plans to cultivate an environment of education and understanding with the people of Rochester and fellow health care professionals on the many benefits of medical marijuana. Through continued research and education, Sarah plans to advance and grow with the company as this industry continues to evolve.


Sarah continues to reside in the Rochester area on a small hobby farm with her fiance, two dogs, and multiple other animals.