Democrat & Chronicle: Fp WELLNESS Medical Marijuana Dispensary Opens in Rochester - Fp WELLNESS New York Medical Marijuana Dispensary
Fp WELLNESS Medical Marijuana Near Me Dispensary in New York
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Fp Wellness New York Medical Marijuana Dispensary

Democrat & Chronicle: Fp WELLNESS Medical Marijuana Dispensary Opens in Rochester

Rochester’s second medical marijuana dispensary, Fp WELLNESS Rochester, opened last week as the industry continues to blossom across the state.

Fiorello Pharmaceuticals, the dispensary’s parent company, now has two offices open — the other is in Half Moon, Saratoga County — and Fiorello is looking to open two more dispensaries downstate in the coming months.

Fiorello was one of five companies licensed by the state Department of Health to manufacture and dispense medical cannabis in 2017.

Columbia Care opened Rochester’s first medical marijuana dispensary in early 2016.

Fiorello had originally planned to open last year, perhaps near one of the area’s medical centers. But the company eventually settled on a spot at 1150 University Ave. (Suite 7), where it will be easy for customers to pick up prescriptions after a visit to a provider, or on their way home from work, said co-CEO Eric Sirota.

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