Wall Art at New York's Best Medical Marijuana Dispensary Fp Wellness

WNYT Channel 13: Medical marijuana dispensary to open in Halfmoon

HALFMOON – The only medical marijuana dispensary in Saratoga County is opening in Halfmoon this week. Managers said they’ve already seen about 50 customers since the soft opening last Wednesday. They expect to see many more patients and practitioners after the grand opening on Friday.

The dispensary is called FP Wellness and it’s located just off the intersection of Routes 9 and 146, very close to a number of doctor offices in the Halfmoon/Clifton Park area.

Ogden said medicinal marijuana is being used treat a growing number of conditions like chronic pain, muscle spasms, seizure disorders, PTSD and opioid addiction.

FP Wellness offers capsules, tablets, oral sprays, powder, vape cartridges and concentrated herbal extract products to their patients.  The Halfmoon location will be particularly helpful for people who live in the North Country.

“Because there’s nothing really in the north area for dispensaries a lot of those patients before were having to drive to Albany and Kingston to get their product,” manager Katie Ogden said. “Now we’re just going to be a better opportunity for them to not have to drive so far.”

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