How Do I Get a New York Medical Marijuana Card?

Question: How Do I Get a NY Medical Marijuana Card?


Answer: Follow This Guide: How To Get A New York Medical Marijuana Card


Patients with Qualifying Conditions are invited to follow this Patient Guide:

About the Medical Marijuana Program in New York State: How to Get a New York Medical Marijuana Patient Card


Step #1: Talk with a Registered Practitioner


Patients with “Qualifying Conditions” will find a NY State Medical Marijuana Doctor. Click here to find a practitioner registered with the Medical Marijuana Program who has consented to be listed publicly.

Talk to your Doctor or Health Practitioner about whether Medical Marijuana may help you.  New Practitioners are signing up for the program every month, and there’s always a chance your Practitioner is already approved.


Step #2: Register as a NY Medical Marijuana Patient


Once you’ve received your recommendation from a Registered Practitioner, it’s time to head over to the NY Department Of Health Website. You’ll be able to create an account if you haven’t already. Once you log in, click on the link that says Medical Marijuana Program.

At this time, you can select up to two Designated Caregivers who can visit an approved NY Medical Marijuana Dispensary.


Step #3: Purchase Medical Marijuana Products from a Registered Dispensary in New York


You will receive your temporary card soon after you are registered as a patient or caregiver. Now you’re ready to visit a New York Medical Marijuana Dispensary!

Our conveniently located Fp WELLNESS New York Dispensaries are currently serving Patients in Manhattan, New York City, NYC, Clifton Park, NY, and Rochester, NY. Another Fp WELLNESS Dispensary Location will soon be opening in Nassau, NY on Long Island.


Bring a printout of your temporary or permanent Medical Marijuana Card and your photo ID to a Medical Marijuana Dispensary near you. Fp WELLNESS has Dispensary Locations in New York, NY, Rochester, and Clifton Park (Halfmoon) and Nassau  (coming soon!) 


Each time you visit FP WELLNESS, you will be greeted by our friendly Patient Care Specialists. They will ask to make a copy of your temporary or permanent NY Medical Marijuana card. On your first visit, you’ll fill out a quick form and then meet with our knowledgeable Cannabis Pharmacist for a free Consultation.


During your consultation, our Marijuana Pharmacist will meet with you to discuss your Practitioner’s recommendations. The Pharmacist will also discuss the Endo-Cannabinoid System, and you will have an opportunity to ask about any questions and concerns you may have. At the end of your session, you will be able to select Medical Marijuana Products that may be effective in treating your condition and in achieving the desired outcome.


Once you have selected the Medical Marijuana Products you would like to purchase, a skilled Patient Care Specialist will show you how to use the products. Any questions you have about dosing, application, and best practices will be discussed during your consultation. We’ll also include a Patient Log where you can record your experiences and keep track of the therapeutic benefits of your products, dates of use, and dosage.


A few days after your visit, a Patient Care Specialist will reach out to you for a “Wellness Check-Up” to make sure your products are working as expected and to discuss any questions and concerns you may have.


Each time you visit Fp WELLNESS after you are a registered patient,  you may choose to consult with your Cannabis Pharmacist again, or simply pick up your additional products and be on your way!

Fact: Approved Medical Marijuana Practitioners are required to take a NY DOH-Approved Medical Marijuana Course before they can recommend Medicinal Marijuana for you.


Click here to find a practitioner registered with the Medical Marijuana Program who has consented to be listed publicly.

Maybe you’ve considered whether Medical Marijuana may be right for you. When the time is right, we sincerely hope you’ll consider visiting a convenient Fp WELLNESS New York Dispensary location near you!


Fp WELLNESS NY Medical Marijuana Dispensary Locations:


Fp WELLNESS | NYC Medical Marijuana Dispensary in Manhattan

Our New York City Dispensary is serving Patients and Caregivers in New York State, including Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Staten Island, Manhattan, NYC, Westchester, Long Island, and Yonkers. Our NYC Medical Marijuana Dispensary is located near 5th Avenue on East 30th Street in Manhattan.

Fp WELLNESS | Rochester Medical Marijuana Dispensary

Our Rochester Dispensary is located in Downtown Rochester on University Avenue.

Fp WELLNESS | Halfmoon – Clifton Park Medical Marijuana Dispensary

For Patients and Caregivers seeking a Medical Marijuana Dispensary near Schenectady, Troy, Crescent, Saratoga, and Clifton Park. Our County of Saratoga Dispensary is conveniently located in Clifton Park about 12 Miles North of Albany.