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Patient Review: Fp WELLNESS | NYC Medical Marijuana Dispensary:  “I Found The Best NYC Medical Marijuana Dispensary: Fp WELLNESS Manhattan”

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“Let’s start from the beginning:

I left the Doctor’s office feeling uncertain. It seemed like life after my diagnosis was going to be completely different – and it has been, to some extent. But now, I’m more conscious of my own health , and definitely more aware of the products and medicines I’m putting into my own body.

When my Doctor Recommended Medical Marijuana for my condition, I wasn’t sure where to start.

I had used Cannabis before, and I remember how it worked well for pain relief and anxiety.  I liked that Cannabis is plant-based Medicine and seemed like a natural way to treat my condition. After searching online for “How to Get Medical Marijuana NYC” and “How to Get a New York State Medical Marijuana Card,” I found resources on the New York State Department of Health’s Website. (Another resource I used was the Fp WELLNESS Patient Guide: How to Get a Medical Marijuana Card in New York.)

With my Temporary New York Medical Marijuana Card in hand, I set out to visit an NYC Dispensary near me (I live in Manhattan). I won’t tell you which New York Dispensary I visited, but let’s just say it was one of the well-known 5th Ave Dispensaries in NYC. There are other Dispensaries in New York – but I’m going to just focus on Manhattan for this post.

When I walked in, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect.

The products were in high-end display cases, and I wondered if the products were as high-quality as the fancy countertops and computer screens I was looking at. I was told I needed an appointment, and that I should come back later when they weren’t so busy.

So, on to the next one. …And the next one. I decided it was time to go back to Google and find a NYC Dispensary that is a good fit for me. Since I was already visiting a Midtown Dispensary, I pulled out my smartphone and started searching on Google Maps. I typed “NYC Medical Marijuana”, “NYC Dispensary”, and “How to Get Medical Marijuana NYC”. Surely I would find a better fit!

After looking at many 5-star reviews, I found Fp WELLNESS NYC Medical Marijuana Dispensary.

I also looked on my favorite Medical Marijuana websites – Weedmaps and Leafly, I was excited when I saw that Fp WELLNESS NYC Dispensary has glowing reviews on each of those sites as well.

I noticed that Fp WELLNESS has a Patient-Focused approach, which seemed in contrast to the experience I was having at the other New York Dispensaries I had just visited.

My personal experience  as a Medical Marijuana Patient in NYC hasn’t always been the best. I’ve encountered long wait times, less-than-polite NYC Dispensary techs, and products that just don’t hold up to my needs. What’s more, I hadn’t yet found a NYC Marijuana Dispensary that seems to understand my condition, or explain the Endo-cannabinoid system and how Medical Marijuana can work for me.  That is – until I found Fp WELLNESS.

On my first visit to Fp WELLNESS, I took my New York Medical Marijuana Card to the front desk and was greeted by the friendly FP WELLNESS Patient Care Team. After filling out some quick paperwork, I was greeted by Dr. Mark Kasabuski – the Pharmacist-On-Duty, who also happens to be the Dispensary Manager.  I was able to sit down for a consultation with the Pharmacist who took the time to answer my questions and discuss the products that might work for me.

After discussing my condition and Doctor’s Recommendations with Dr Kasabuski, I was given a NYC Dispensary Menu to look over. Fp WELLNESS had all of the New York Medical Marijuana Products I am used to seeing, including Tinctures, Tablets, Vape Cartridges, Oral Sprays, Lotions and Topicals, and even Suppositories. They also have Patient Discount Programs for Financial Hardship, Veterans, Seniors, and those receiving assistance benefits. Their Medical Marijuana Prices were in line with what I had just seen in New York, and I was excited to find that they carry products from other New York Dispensaries too. Luckily they were offering a sale that week! It was 20%-off all of their Fp WELLNESS Vape Cartridges. Finally – A Dispensary Near Me Offers Medical Marijuana Sales and Discounts on Medical Marijuana Prices!


Fp WELLNESS Manhattan, in my opinion, is the Best New York Dispensary. In fact, when compared to the other Dispensaries in NYC, nobody comes close to the level of service and expertise that I found at Fp WELLNESS NYC Dispensary! Since I live near 5th Avenue, Dispensaries are everywhere. However, I choose to go to Fp Wellness because they’re the Best Dispensary Near Me – and maybe the Best Marijuana Dispensary in New York!


Fp WELLNESS exceeded all of my expectations for a Medical Cannabis Dispensary in NYC – convenient location, Clean cozy environment, friendly staff, and all of my questions and concerns were addressed. I liked that the next time I visit, which will be very soon, I can skip the consultation if I want and just pick up a refill of my Medical Marijuana Products.


If you’re looking for a New York Dispensary and you have your New York Medical Marijuana Card, I highly recommend Fp WELLNESS NYC Dispensary. In my opinion, Fp WELLNESS is the Best NYC Dispensary because of their Patient-Focused approach to Cannabis Medicine, and the wonderful Patient Care Team.

I hope this review will help you find the right fit for your Manhattan Medical Marijuana Patient experience.


-Jason D, Fp WELLNESS NYC Medical Marijuana Dispensary Patient”


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