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Fp WELLNESS Medical Marijuana Near Me Dispensary in New York
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New York Medical Marijuana Dispensary Patient Discounts

We offer Medical Marijuana Discounts for all first-time patients, Veterans Discounts, Senior Discounts,  and Financial Hardship Discounts. We want to help all of our patients  access Medical Marijuana THC and CBD Products at an affordable price!

*Discounts cannot be combined. The largest discount will be applied at purchase.

Current Promotions at Fp WELLNESS New York Dispensary:

20% Off First-Time Patients Discount


New Patients and their Caregivers will receive 20% Off the entire Medical Marijuana and CBD Wellness product purchase!

FREE Fp WELLNESS Vape Battery with First-Time Medical Marijuana Vape Cartridge Purchase


Each first-time Fiorello Pharmaceuticals NY Medical Marijuana Vape Cartridge purchase now comes with a FREE Fp WELLNESS Metered Dosage Battery

New LOWER Prices: ALL Fiorello Pharmaceuticals Brand Medical Marijuana Vape Cartridges Now $75 ea

Ongoing Patient Discounts:

If you are a veteran, a senior citizen over 65 years old, or in need of financial assistance, you may qualify for one of the discount programs Fp WELLNESS offers.  Bring proof of eligibility (see list below) to any of our dispensaries to enroll.  Those who qualify are eligible for a discount of 10% or 15% off the retail price on every purchase.

Veterans Discount

• Duration: Year-round
• Discount: 15% off all products
• Proof of Eligibility: Veterans’ Designation on Driver’s License or State ID; Military ID card; or DD214 or similar

Patients with Limited Resources Discount

• Duration: Year-round
• Discount: 15% off all products
• Proof of Eligibility: Documentation showing individual is receiving SSDI, SSI, FA/TANF, Medicaid, WIC, SNAP, or EarlyLearn NYC child care benefits

Senior Patients Over 65 Discount

• Duration: Year-round
• Discount: 10% off all products
• Proof of Eligibility: NY patient registry card; Driver’s License; State ID; Passport; or Birth Certificate


All sales are FINAL.  However, patients and caregivers are entitled to a full refund if the Medical Marijuana Products purchased from an Fp WELLNESS Medical Marijuana Dispensary are recalled or defective.