Earth to Mind Full Spectrum Oil – 1200MG – Fp WELLNESS CBD Dispensary

Full- Spectrum CBD Cannabis Tincture 1200mg Peppermint by Earth To Mind


  • The 1200MG Full-Spectrum CBD Tincture by Earth to Mind is blended with phytocannabinoid-rich Cannabis CBD Oil to create a bio-available tincture that delivers immediate and lasting benefits.
  • Made from “the highest quality hemp grown and processed right here in New York.”
  • The addition of organic fractionated coconut oil provides increased absorption and a smooth, easy-to-ingest taste.
  • This Hemp-Based Full-Spectrum CBD product is manufactured by CBD For Life ( ) This CBD tincture, and other CBD Wellness Products are available at Fp WELLNESS Medical Marijuana Dispensaries.


  • Manufacture’s Recommendations:How to take: To get the most out of our Full-Spectrum CBD tincture, hold the liquid under your tongue for at least 30 seconds or more and then swallow. If you don’t like the taste, you can mix it with tea, coffee or smoothies.


    How much to take: Our Full-Spectrum CBD tincture works a little differently for everyone! When deciding how much to take, we recommend starting low and slow with 0.5 mL once a day. If needed, increase to 1 mL 3 times a day. If you work up to 1 mL 3 times a day and aren’t feeling anything, you may need a stronger concentration.


    When to take: When you take the Full-Spectrum CBD tincture is linked to what you’d like to achieve – take it before bed to help you sleep, at the start of the day to alleviate anxiety, or throughout the day to manage pain. The most important thing is to make it a consistent part of your daily routine.


    Amount: 30 mL | 30 doses per bottle, 1 dose is equal to 1 mL, or 40 mg.