Fp WELLNESS Restore Vape Cartridge - 250mg - Fp WELLNESS New York Medical Marijuana Dispensary
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Fp WELLNESS Restore Vape Cartridge – 250mg

Restore is a high-THC pre-filled Medical Marijuana Vape Cartridge with a 5:1 THC:CBD ratio.



*Complimentary Fp Wellness Battery with every first-time Fp Wellness Vape Cartridge purchase ($10 Value)

Our Fp Wellness brand vape, Restore, is a prefilled vape cartridge with a 5:1 high THC ratio product. There are 100
inhalations per cartridge. This cartridge uses a ceramic wick and contains a small amount of MCT coconut oil.

*Complimentary Fp Wellness battery with every first time Fp Wellness Vape purchase ($10 Value).*