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Covid-19 Protocol

Fp Wellness Rochester

To All Our Patients at Fp Wellness Rochester,


Our patient focused approach is what we feel makes our Rochester Dispensary so unique.  With the outbreak of Covid-19, we want to be as cautious and mindful as possible when it comes to our patient’s health and safety. We still want to help and we are available for you.


All returning and new patients are encouraged to place your order online for pickup.  The order link can be found here: https://fpwellnessny.com/order-medical-marijuana-online-rochester/


All orders can be picked up during the times listed below.  If you can not place your order online or cannot make it during the pick-up window, please call (585) 242-0203.

We will do our best to accommodate.


In addition, if you are not feeling well, please be transparent in your email, call in advance and/or have a licensed caregiver come to pick up your medication.  As always, we’re willing to work with you to the best of our capabilities and capacities.


Above all else, we’re sorry for the inconvenience this is causing.  We appreciate your cooperation in protecting our employees, our patients and our communities.


Operating Hours for PICKUP

We are still opening at 10am.

Operating hours for pickup start at 10:30am

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday: Our last pick up is at 5:30 pm

 Mondays and Fridays: Our last pick up is at 6:30 pm

Saturday: Our last pick-up on Saturday is at 2:30 pm

Operating hours for consultation: 10:30am-5:00pm



Please call (585) 242-0203 during the above hours to schedule a time.
Please contact us to schedule a time for pickup outside of these hours



*Please keep in mind that the above process could change as we adapt to circumstances, transportation changes and any applicable laws, regulations and best practices.  We will try our best to communicate via email, facebook,  and instagram with any updates!


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New Patient Protocol


  1. Call (585) 242-0203 to set up a virtual phone consultation time.
    • We will not be doing any in-store patient consultations.  Only phone consultations with limited time-slots will be allowed.
  2. Please fill out the online paperwork 
  3. After a recommendation is put in, let the pharmacist know what time we should be expecting you to come down to pick up your order.  Please have cash or your Canpay app ready.


Existing Patient Protocol


    1. Please place your order online through I Heart Jane or call (585) 242-0203 with your order and pickup time.


      • We will get your order ready before hand


  • You must arrive during the pickup times or call to schedule an alternate time.


Please keep in mind that the above process could change as we adapt to circumstances and any applicable laws, regulations and best practices.

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