Senior Leadership


Eric Sirota

Co-Chief Executive Officer and Chief Operating Officer
Eric is a proven business leader with over thirty years of pharmaceutical executive experience in product development, commercialization, business development and medical affairs. Eric began his career at Pfizer where he held executive roles in global and US markets for more than a twenty year period. At Pfizer, Eric’s leadership responsibilities spanned thirteen therapeutic categories encompassing over thirty brands from specialty to blockbuster products. During this time, he led five major product launches and re-launched Zithromax, turning an underperforming asset into a billion dollar U.S. franchise. In addition, he had commercial leadership responsibility for four of the five Pfizer U.S. business divisions with annual revenue ranging from $2.3 to $5.2 billion, that included products such as Celebrex, Lyrica, Viagra, Detrol, Zyrtec, and Spiriva. He also led eight major Pfizer business alliances as well as the multi-billion post-acquisition integration of Pharmacia into the Pfizer US organization. After Pfizer, Eric was appointed President of the newly created Commercial Services Division at inVentiv Health where he led a 3,500 person organization providing a broad range of service offerings to the pharmaceutical industry. After inVentiv Health, Eric served as COO for Optimer Pharmaceuticals where he was responsible for directing corporate strategy, managing business operations and supporting the successful sale of the Company to Cubist Pharmaceuticals. He received his bachelor’s degree in pharmacy from Rutgers College of Pharmacy and an MBA from the Wharton School. Eric is also intimately involved with Special Olympics and Challenger League Baseball as a father of a special needs son.

Darwin Millard

VP Manufacturing Operations and QA Officer
Darwin is a recognized expert in mechanical and solvent based extraction methodologies for isolating highly volatile terpenophenolic secondary metabolites from botanicals, spending the last ten years focusing on the bioactive constituents of cannabis. Darwin was an integral part of the team that developed and introduced the Dixie Botanicals brand of hemp based cannabidiol products for sale on the world market. He is a senior partner at the Plant Consulting Group, LLC, where he works with clients on both bench and commercial scales to develop cannabis extraction and refinement techniques that increase process efficiency and decrease cost of goods, permitting the separation and purification of individual cannabinoids. Following his work at Dixie, he became the Chief Technical Officer of Applied Botanical Sciences, Inc., an international cannabinoid nutraceutical company. Darwin has always been a strong proponent of cannabinoid-based treatment therapies. He is the former chair of the Hemp Industries Association’s Cannabinoid Committee, an Associate Partner with the Indian Industrial Hemp Association and is active in assisting to create and define legislation for the burgeoning cannabis industry both domestically and internationally. Darwin received his degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Colorado at Boulder.

Marla Lacy

Director of Operations
Marla is a seasoned program coordinator specializing in customized, integrated strategic and tactical solutions. Her experience spans numerous industries, with more than ten years in the entertainment and fifteen years in the pharmaceutical sectors. She has been a production stage manager for major Broadway productions and North American tours. In her fifteen years at Pfizer Inc, she led numerous business process and technology transformation endeavors. These projects included leading the Project Management Office for a closed-loop marketing initiative moving 40+ brands to a single digital platform which was accomplished ahead of schedule and under budget; implementing tollgates and best practices for globalizing commercial operations of 6 autonomous regions; and implementing a multichannel operating plan for a 50 member marketing team. As an independent consultant, she has shared her extensive knowledge with a long list of diverse clients. Marla received her bachelor’s degree from Denison University and a professional certificate in genetics/genomics from Stamford University.

Mike Basile

Director of Security
Mike is a respected public safety officer with over twenty-five years of police and security experience. Mike began his career in law enforcement with the city of Albany, NY Police Department in the early ‘90s, ultimately serving as Acting Police Chief in the summer of 2018. Mike held numerous leadership positions including Detective Sergeant with the Criminal Investigation Unit. As Commander of Administrative Services, he oversaw the Critical Asset Assessment Team and Emergency Management for the Police Department. Mike holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from Niagara University.

Brian Kwaramba

Industrial Chemical Process Development Professional
Brian is an industrial chemical process development professional, who has made significant impact in discovering specialty-chemicals for industrially relevant applications. His experience has uncovered elaborate designs, synthetic methodologies, and the effectuation of highly functionalized chemical compounds, that are used for water conservation systems, water purification systems, 2nd generation cellulosic bio-energy, large scale food manufacturing, carbon sequestration, selective and recyclable organo-metallic catalysis, bio-active molecular construction, scaffold libraries for nanoscale materials and nanoscale drug delivery systems. Dr. Kwaramba embraces the development of radical technologies, with a basic diversity-oriented approach, that turns useful industrial processes into scalable, user friendly, economical, operationally trivial, and environmentally benign operations. Furthermore, Brian believes in the importance of making social impact using STEM, which led him to serve as both a professor and administrator in higher education, where he led in developing applied chemistry pedagogy, rooted in developing quality assurance and quality control training programs. Brian continues to serve as a leader in capacity development and the empowerment of marginalized communities around the world, including but not limited to, the advocacy for an increased presence of women, underprivileged individuals, minorities and under-represented people in STEM fields.

Katie Ogden, PharmD

Dispensary Manager — Halfmoon

Pharmacist Katie Ogden has played an active roll in patient care in Saratoga County for several years. She started as a technician with CVS Pharmacy in 2008 and landed as a Pharmacist in Charge at her Wilton, NY location for 3 years. Aside from her expertise in retail pharmacy, Katie has also worked several years in a compounding pharmacy, incorporating her knowledge of compounding techniques and nutritional supplements. Her attention to detail and level of empathy in the field are uncanny. Katie completed her pharmacy schooling at Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences in 2013 with her Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D) degree. She is CPR and immunization certified. Katie is the active president of the Consolidated Health District of Stillwater, NY. At the start of 2019, Katie decided to redirect her pharmacy know-how to the world of medical marijuana. She left her beloved team at CVS Pharmacy to start a new journey with Fiorello Pharmaceuticals, Inc. as a Dispensary Manager/Consulting Pharmacist. Her mission is to build her dispensary into a destination for patients with medical marijuana needs. She plans to expand and advance in the company and give patients the best level of care with laboratory tested, quality medical marijuana products. This is an exciting adventure Katie is starting and she plans to offer patients the professionalism and knowledgeable care they deserve. Katie lives in Saratoga. Her and her fiancé care for 2 dogs, 4 horses, a cat and a bearded dragon. She spends her free time hiking, hunting, traveling and horseback riding.

Sarah Morris, PharmD

Dispensary Manager — Rochester

Dispensary Manager and Pharmacist, Sarah Morris has been practicing retail pharmacist for the past 5 years, striving to provide the best patient care to each of her patients. After spending time as a staff pharmacist for Rite Aid in North Carolina in the early 2010’s, she decided to move back to the Rochester area, the place she has always called home. She continued working for Rite Aid in various locations until being promoted to pharmacy manger in Wolcott, NY in August of 2017. Sarah earned her Bachelors of Science from St Bonaventure University in 2011 and went on to complete her doctorate degree in pharmacy (Pharm. D) from L.E.C.O.M in 2013. Sarah is also a certified immunizing pharmacist along with being CPR certified. During her education career, Sarah took a fond interest in medical marijuana and began doing research and writing papers on the the health benefits of medical marijuana. She was also involved in research aiming to find the medicinal benefits in Sassafras Root, a natural medicine used by the Native Americans. At the beginning of 2019, Sarah was given the opportunity to revisit her interest in medical marijuana and start a new journey with Fiorello Pharmaceuticals Inc. as the Dispensary Manager/Consulting Pharmacist in Rochester, NY. She plans to build her dispensary on the foundation of top-level patient care and education, while providing patients with the highest quality medical marijuana. Sarah also plans to cultivate an environment of education and understanding with the people of Rochester and fellow health care professionals on the many benefits of medical marijuana. Through continued research and education, Sarah plans to advance and grow with the company as this industry continues to evolve. Sarah continues to reside in the Rochester area on a small hobby farm with her boyfriend, two dogs, and multiple other animals.

Mark Kasabuski, PharmD

Dispensary Manager — New York

Mark Kasabuski is a licensed pharmacist in New York. He has a Pharm. D. degree, immunization certification, medical use of marijuana practitioner certification, and over 10 years of managerial experience in various volume retail pharmacy settings. He graduated from the University of Rhode Island in 2007. During part of his time there, he played Division 1 baseball for the Rams as a pitcher where he was named to the “All-Academic” A-10 team. Directly out of pharmacy school, Mark became a pharmacy manager for CVS. Over the course of the next 10 years, Mark managed multiple stores while being named to their “Pre-Emerging Leaders” program. In 2010, he won the CVS Paragon Award for pharmacist of the year in his district. In 2017, he moved to New York City and began working for a startup digital pharmacy called Capsule. During this time, he saw the business grow over 6 times in prescription volume. He moved from being a staff pharmacist into the pharmacy manager in operations where he was responsible for leading his team and identifying workflow deficiencies. Mark left Capsule in February of 2019 to join Fiorello as their pharmacy dispensary manager in the Manhattan location. Mark is excited to have a caring, patient focused team to help establish long lasting relationships with the community. He has a passion for helping people and plans to lead with his relentless positivity and extremely sociable, empathetic and outgoing personality. Mark lives in Williamsburg with his girlfriend Liz. He also is a former oyster farmer and ski instructor who has a passion for the outdoors, live music, traveling, sports, and environmental sustainability.